Video Assist was where it all began for Scarab Industries. For nearly 20 years we have been diligently recording and playing back for directors from all over the world. We’ve helped film makers such as Robert Richardson, John Mathieson, Remi Adefarasin, Dion Beebe, Keith Rose, Greg Gray, Kim Geldenhuys get the job done successfully over and over again. 


We understand what a director and a producer need from Video Assist and have invested carefully in the correct equipment. We use QTake and Pix Recorders and Terradeck HD Wireless Video Transmitters. All our monitors are equipped with Hoodman Rayshades and our gear works both on a bus and in a studio.


We’ve successfully dealt with every Video Assist scenario imaginable from complex transmission from helicopters to boats to intricate Visual Effects and editing.

All Scarab VT operators, Richard, Bruce and Adam are QTake Experts. In 2011, Scarab Industries became the first company in South Africa to offer the world famous QTake system.