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Scarab Industries is a DroneVideo Assist and DIT company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2002 we have been passionately dedicated to servicing the South African Film Industry. We have expansive knowledge and skills in the field of Cinematography. Scarab Industries is one of only a handful of companies in South Africa that hold an ROC (Remote Operators Certificate). Our license allows us to fly large cameras like the Red and Alexa Mini on drones legally for the purposes of Commercial Aerial Cinematography with Third Party Insurance






Scarab Industries has a film friendly Remote Operators Certificate (ROC) issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). This license allows us to shoot with drones in sensitive areas, close to other air traffic, buildings, people, over national roads and even at night.

We are Film People.

We began working full time in the Film Business as technical crew on 35mm Films and Commercials in 1998. When technological advances in Digital Cameras, Computer Stabilised Gimbals and RC Drone Flight Controllers made it possible for us to bring together our passions for making Films and Flying Radio Control Aircraft it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Our Bigger Drones are designed specifically for Professional Cinematography. They carry Red and Arri Mini Cameras with PL or Canon Lens Mounts, Wireless Follow Focus, MoviPro Gimbals and transmit 1080p without delay. These tools together give the Director and Cinematographer the freedom they need to create interesting and dynamic shots using camera moves and perspectives that were once impossible.

Our Smaller Drones carry the Panasonic GH4 Camera, DJI Zenmuse Gimbal, HD Video Transmitters with zero latency and shoot 4K @ 25p.

On the day experience counts. We speak the international language of film makers and get on well with Directors and crew. 




 Our Pilots hold RPL Pilot Licenses issued by the SACAA.

We have a comprehensive Safety Policy and SACAA Certified Safety Officer.

All Scarab Drone Crew have additional training in Drone Specific Set Safety.






Video Assist was where it all began for Scarab Industries. For nearly 20 years we have been diligently recording and playing back for directors from all over the world. We’ve helped film makers such as Robert Richardson, John Mathieson, Remi Adefarasin, Dion Beebe, Keith Rose, Greg Gray, Kim Geldenhuys get the job done successfully over and over again. 


We understand what a director and a producer need from Video Assist and have invested carefully in the correct equipment. We use QTake and Pix Recorders and Terradeck HD Wireless Video Transmitters. All our monitors are equipped with Hoodman Rayshades and our gear works both on a bus and in a studio.


We’ve successfully dealt with every Video Assist scenario imaginable from complex transmission from helicopters to boats to intricate Visual Effects and editing.

All Scarab VT operators, Richard, Bruce and Adam are QTake Experts. In 2011, Scarab Industries became the first company in South Africa to offer the world famous QTake system.

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The Change from Film to Digital was a long time coming and Technical similarities between Video Assist and DIT made an expansion into DIT a logical move for us.

It turned out to be a great opportunity to grow our knowledge and expand our services.

Scarab has Alexa and Red Digital Cameras, which have enabled us to spend a lot of time becoming well versed in their working and intricacies.

We are proficient in dealing with Arri and Red. We have managed huge amounts of data on many films and hundreds of commercials since 2010.








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