Richard first entered the film industry in 2001 as a VT assistant to Bruce, soon becoming an independent operator and working full time for Scarab Industries. Technically-skilled and with an eye for photography, Richard was drawn to the film industry- a field where both his technical and creative skills could come into play. With the coming of the digital age Richard honed his skills to the developing role of the DIT.

Working initially as a photographer, and having done some DP work, Richard has an excellent sense of the aesthetic nature of film. This in addition to extensive experience in VT and DIT characterises his work and the level of quality and care he brings to it. He understands the passion of the directors and DOPs he works with and is a technically excellent Digital Imaging Technician who is always looking for new challenges.

Agent: Radical Crew: +27 21 462 5290

Cell: +27 82 899 1159