Qtake HD is the most advanced system designed and developed for Video Assist Professionals to log, capture, playback and edit the video output of any camera, and at Scarab we have taken it even further.

Designed and built in-house our tailormade, all-in-one unit encompasses a 27” customized sunlight readable touchscreen monitor, super powered Mac, various specialized hardware and an always reliable UPS. The unit has been fine tuned to work the QTAKE HD system at peak performance. It is a truly unique adaptation of the QTAKE HD system and can only be found here at Scarab.

QTAKE HD offers instant record and playback, real time processing, intuitive editing, stereoscopy and multi camera support. These are only a few of the features offered by the QTAKE HD application but with their knowledge and experience Scarab’s VT Operators bring you the best, most advanced and most accessible Video Assist available.

Records and Playbacks two cameras in HD
Mix and overlay
Chroma keying
Dual Synch Playback for Motion Control Plates
Variable Speed Playback at any Frame Rate in Forward and Reverse
Autorecording- As the camera rolls the Qtake automatically records, resulting in no missed takes
Instant onset editing with edits sent directly to the director’s monitor
Instant Plate Resizing
QTake clips retain original file names and timecode
Utilises Thunderbolt technology
Works with all HD cameras
Qtake is the ultimate video assist system for 3D shoots

It is updated monthly and is in constant development using information from the production environment. This ensures the application remains on the cutting edge and continues to provide for intensive and advanced Video Assist.

This advanced system of Video Assist has been used on the likes of:
Gatsby, Lincoln, Hugo, The Hobbit, Transformers, The Avengers, Dredd, Resident Evil Afterlife, Narnia 3D, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Spiderman 4 and many more

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