DIT and Lab Services

Our DITs come with fully customised Digital Labs. These Labs provide a space on set for them to watch, copy and transcode media without distraction, in order that their full focus is on the media in front of them. The vans also provide a darkened environment for viewing the footage which helps the DIT, director and DOP to view it clearly and without reflections. A UPS is permanently installed within allowing the DIT to copy and transcode all day without interruption, including during unit moves and even in case of a generator malfunction. This saves money on overtime as work is never interrupted and our DITs can finish earlier. As computers are very heat-sensitive the Lab is kitted with 2 aircon units ensuring that the machines are always kept cool and running at an optimum to handle the heavy load of data that streams in.

A grade or look is often a priority for a project and in the Lab our DITs can apply grades, custom looks and LUTs to show the agency and client exactly what their final image will look like. They can also do a grade with the DOP and apply that grade back onto the Alexa which will then appear on all monitors on set.

Editors often request transcoded media and our DITs have the ability to transcode in the Lab. When working on the RED, images must be transcoded before they can be viewed. This would usually take a number of days but with the Red Rocket and Mac Pro tower our DITs can transcode images in real time. It is essential to transcode on set because the footage needs to be seen in order to be approved and be given the thumbs up.

Working with systemization, signal integrity, image manipulation, quality control and some on set colour correction the Labs provide the perfect environment for Scarab’s experienced DITs to process and check the daily rushes ensuring that all the footage is exposed correctly, free of corruption, successfully copied, free of dirt and digital artifacts like gradiation, banding and ghosting.

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