Bruce, an entrepreneur and a lover of art, photography and film was always drawn to the film industry in 1998 took his first job as a driver with a film catering company. He cracked it as a runner some time later and remained in this position for 4 years, doing cameos as a spark, a grip, an art department assistant, a loader and a VT Operator’s Assistant- all the while obtaining valuable skills and connections. In 2001 he decided to specialize in Video Assist and in 2002 opened Scarab Industries, which has since burgeoned into a successful business.

Bruce is now a top DIT, skilled in every aspect of the job- from media management to color grading- and has an extensive knowledge and experience of onset workflows. He has a complete understanding of cinematography, set hierarchy and etiquette and in depth technical knowledge of cameras like the Red Epic, Phantom Flex and Arri Alexa. Bruce’s technical expertise, drive for excellence, passion for the job and support from the Scarab team keep him in high demand.

Bruce is happy to take your call to discuss different camera choices and the quickest, cheapest workflows for your job.

Cell: +27 82 446 5512