The Bolex Super 16mm Kit, package price R4500 per day, includes:

  • Bolex Super 16mm Camera: 13 x viewfinder; Bolex Bayonet Mount; Wind up Motor; Variable Frame Rates: 12-64fps; Variable Shutter

  • Bolex “C” Adaptor: Allows you to use C-mount lenses

  • Bolex Bayonet Mount to PL Mount: Allows you to use all the lenses from the PL range

  • Angenieux: 12-120mm Zoom; C-Mount; Aperture T2.8

  • Kern – Paillard Switar 10mm: C-Mount; Aperture 1.6

  • Kern – Paillard Switar 16mm: C-Mount; Aperture 1.8

  • Kern – Paillard Switar 25mm: C-Mount; Aperture 1.4

To get a better feel for the aesthetic of the Bolex see the examples below shot by Bruce Newton. The 4x3 images are shot on an older camera that is not available for hire, but the 16x9 clips are shot on the super 16 Bolex camera pictured. These clips will give you a sense of the look this cameras achieves, an aesthetic which is quite specific and best for certain applications. We recommend using the Bolex only when going for the particular look it creates and not as a cheaper alternative when trying to acheive a clean 35mm look.